Leslie Streit is a Certified Pilates Instructor through the Physical Mind Institute New York City/Santa Fe, NM. and is also a member of IDEA, a worldwide fitness organization.


Leslie's Pilates Story:


I am an independent practitioner with my own studio occupying the entire first floor of a 3-story live-work space in San Francisco. I was certified by the Physical Mind Institute in 1996 and taught for 3 years at the Balanced Body in Palo Alto under the direction of Karen Matison before opening my own practice in 1999.

I am fortunate to count Mercy Sidbury (a great rehabilitation specialist) as one of my teachers and I've studied Feldenkrais and Ballet with Augusta Moore.

I have also studied Body Code with Pino Carbone in private one on one sessions and in workshop settings. I have been teaching movement skills to people of all ages for over 25 years. I care about each client immensely and strive to keep my sessions fresh, alive and happening.

Leslie's article on Pilates and Blogging can be viewed on the Physical Mind Institute website.