These are sample workouts designed for an advanced student who is capable of working out without supervision and is in good health.

Much of the value of Pilates lies in doing the exercises correctly. Feedback is extremely important and the value of a highly trained pair of eyes is priceless. Visit your local studio at least once a week, even if you do a routine daily. Your instructor may change your routine based on current issues to more effectively meet your needs.

Pilates was NOT designed to be an aerobic activity, though some may treat it as such. Speed sacrifices precision. Sloppy workouts can lead to injury. Pilates is foremost a mind-body activity.


Requires a cadillac, barrel and reformer, as well as mat, 6"roller and 6" sensi ball.


mat or cadillac

sensi ball to loosen up tight areas

roller exercises



around the world

mat or cadillac

rolling - 6 to 10 reps


lie back



short spine - 6 reps

leg circles - 12 reps

arm circles - 12 reps

upstretch - 6 to 10 reps

reformer + box

butterfly - 4 reps

Cadillac/Trap Table: - Rollback series - Around the world - Push through to cambré back - Legsprings – circles in parallel and turned out positions - Hamstring tower - Monkey

Step Barrel: - Rollup to extension - V-sit - Side stretch - Bridging (core on mat, bent legs on barrel)

Reformer: - Legwork - Relevés and Runs - Shortspine - Elephant - Upstretch - Arabesque - Downstretch




Mat -

Coccyx Curl with Roller

Psoas Stretch with Roller

Criss Cross – 2 sets of 8 - repeat 2X

Cadillac -

Rollback with Extension

Around the World

Hanging Up – 4 reps

Step Barrel-

Rollback With Extension

V-Sit – 2 -3 reps


Step Downs – 8 reps each side

Lunges – 8 reps each side – repeat 2X

Mermaid – 2-4 reps each side

Mermaid with Rotation – 4 reps each side


Shortspine – 5 reps